• GoPro Hero 2018



    It sounds like you have a GoPro Hero (2018) camera for sale, along with several attachments and accessories. Here's a breakdown of the details you provided: **Camera Model**: GoPro Hero (2018) **Recording Resolution**: 1080p at 50 frames per second (fps) **Included Accessories**: 1. Camera frame 2. Helmet mount 3. Chest mount 4. Head mount 5. Wrist mount 6. Suction mount 7. Gorilla pod stand **Additional Item**: Extra battery This package seems to offer a comprehensive set of attachments that can be used for various mounting options, making it suitable for capturing action shots, adventure activities, or any scenario where a versatile mounting setup is desired. The GoPro Hero (2018) is capable of recording in Full HD (1080p) resolution at a smooth frame rate of 50fps, ensuring high-quality footage with fluid motion. It's important to note that the GoPro Hero (2018) model is an entry-level version and might lack some features found in later models, such as 4K video recording or advanced stabilization. However, its 1080p 50fps capabilities and the included accessories can still provide an enjoyable filming experience for many users, particularly those interested in capturing dynamic activities and adventures. When selling this package, consider highlighting its versatility due to the range of mounting options, the extra battery for extended shooting sessions, and the camera's ability to record high-quality footage at 1080p and 50fps. Also, be sure to mention any wear and tear on the camera or accessories, as well as the general condition of the items being sold.