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Panasonic HCPV100 Video Camera



Middle Swan, WA, Australia
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The Panasonic HCPV100 Full HD Video Camera is a versatile and adaptable camera suitable for various event needs. Here's a brief overview of its main features and potential applications: - **Camera Model:** Panasonic HCPV100 Full HD Video Camera - **Key Features:** - **5 Axis O.I.S.:** The camera features a 5 Axis Optical Image Stabilization system that minimizes blurriness caused by shaking and movement, making it suitable for handheld use as a steady cam. - **20x Zoom:** The camera offers a powerful 20x optical zoom, allowing you to capture distant subjects with clarity. - **Manual Focus Rings:** With three manual focus rings, the camera provides precise control over focus adjustments, making it suitable for tripod-mounted shots. - **Livestreaming:** The HCPV100 can be locked off to achieve stable shots for livestreaming events. - **Event Applications:** The Panasonic HCPV100 is described as a versatile camera that covers a wide range of uses, making it suitable for various event scenarios, including: - Steady Cam: The 5 Axis O.I.S. makes it ideal for handheld use, providing smooth and stable shots. - Zoom Cam: The 20x optical zoom allows for capturing both wide-angle scenes and distant subjects. - Livestreaming: The camera can be set up for locked-off shots, ensuring a stable and clear livestream. This camera is positioned as a versatile solution for event videography, offering options for capturing dynamic shots, zooming in on details, and achieving stable livestreams. Its adaptability to different shooting styles makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of events, from live performances and conferences to weddings and more. Whether you need a handheld steady cam, a zoom cam, or a camera for livestreaming, the Panasonic HCPV100 Full HD Video Camera is designed to cater to various event requirements.