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DI Passive Stereo DI Direct Box

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Hampton Park, Victoria, Australia
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The DI Stereo Direct Box (DI box) is a quality 2 channel passive direct box for transforming high-impedance (Hi-Z), unbalanced guitar/instrument outputs into low-impedance, balanced inputs. When to use a DI? A DI box basically turns a "instrument" signal, into a "mic" signal. Used when you have an unbalanced, high impedance instrument, like a guitar or keyboard, and want to plug it into balanced XLR microphone input, such as on a mixing desk / PA system. Vital for stage performers that are required to plug into balanced XLR multicore stage boxes. Stereo Inputs Featuring dual inputs, This DI is perfect for any keyboard player, allowing both left and right channels to run through the same unit. Also useful for multiple acoustic guitars. Combining two DI's into one, this unit will save loads of space on stage. Pad, Ground Lift and Link Outputs Link outputs allow the musician to also connect to their regular stage amps as well as sending a signal to the mixing desk. Selectable pad settings will dampen hot signals and a ground lift switch for each channel can remove ground loop noises. Specifications: Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz Noise Level (22Hz - 22KHz,Input Shorted) : -100dBu Input Impedance: 50kohms Load Impedance: 600ohms Input: Two 1/4" Phone Jacks, Unbalanced Output: Two XLR connectors, Balanced Link Output: Two 1/4" Phone Jacks, Unbalanced, Pre-pad PAD switch: 0dB, -20dB, -40dB setting / two switches Dimensions: 135x114x47.5mm Ground Lift Switches Rubber Feet Pad