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Hire Decimator MD-LX HDMI to SDI, hire Miscellaneous, near Middle Swan
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Decimator MD-LX HDMI to SDI



Middle Swan, WA, Australia
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Hire Decimator MD-LX HDMI Extender Our favourite HDMI Extender for hire in Perth is the Decimator MD-LX. It is a simple, no fuss, plug and play unit for switching between SDI and HDMI in both directions. This means it’s fool proof. It doesn’t matter which piece goes where and no scaling or set up issues can cause an incorrect picture. Just plug it and play it. For a generic HDMI extension run, hire two decimator MD-LX’s from our Perth office and an SDI Cable. This will allow you to extend the signal safely up to 80m (depending on the length of your SDI Cable). Some of the Decimator MD-LX Features Include: Auto Select (Ac ve input to all outputs or if both inputs are ac ve SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI) HDMI IN to SDI OUT and SDI IN to HDMI OUT SDI IN to HDMI and SDI OUT HDMI IN to HDMI and SDI OUT You can pair your Decimator MD-LX’s with our Hire SDI Cable, Vision Switcher Hire, HDMI Splitter Hire and other vision hire items to upscale your next show without breaking the bank. For more information or a solution to your cabling needs please Contact Us and we will be to help to assist.