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Kids Party Hire Package

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Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
The Kids Party Hire Package includes the all-in-one Chauvet Gigbar is a very versatile lighting system with its built-in effect lights strobes par cans and can run on automatic programs or in a sound active mode as well. With a height-adjustable stand included the unit can be used in many settings and takes up minimal room. It also includes the Dual Bubble and Smoke Machine which is a visually stunning effect and incorporates 2 separate fans pushing bubbles with multiple control settings available. As well as the bubbles the unit has a large built-in smoke machine and led lights to colour the exiting smoke and bubbles in unison. These two units together create a great amount of fun and eye-catching effects perfect to keep the kids busy and jumping around! What's included with the hire: 1 x Dual Bubble & Smoke Machine w/ Remote 1 x Chauvet Gig Bar All Required Stands and Power Cables ‍ [ Easy to Operate ] [ Great for Atmosphere ]