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Hire DJ POWER HAZER 1150, hire Smoke Machines, near Leichhardt
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Leichhardt, NSW, Australia

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You've provided a comprehensive description of the DJ Power Hazer 1150 package, including its inclusions, specifications, and benefits. Here's a breakdown of the information: **Inclusions:** - 1 x DJ Power Hazer 1150 Hazer Machine - 3.5L Haze Fluid **Specifications:** - **Continuous Output:** The hazer provides a continuous and even output of haze. - **Super Quiet Operation:** The machine operates quietly, ensuring that it doesn't disrupt the ambiance of your event. - **Quick Heat-Up Time:** The hazer has a heat-up time of just 50 seconds, allowing you to start creating the desired effect quickly. - **Output Capacity:** The machine can produce an output of 6,000 cubic feet per minute (cu.ft./min), filling the space with a controlled amount of haze. - **Fluid Tank Capacity:** The machine has a 3.5-liter fluid tank, allowing for up to 9.7 hours of continuous output at full capacity. - **DMX Control:** The hazer can be controlled via DMX, allowing for integration with your lighting setup. - **Water-Based Fluid:** The machine uses water-based haze fluid, which is generally considered safe and suitable for a variety of event settings. - **Weight and Dimensions:** The machine weighs 11 kg and has dimensions of 315x310x255mm, making it compact and relatively easy to transport. **Benefits and Description:** - The DJ Power Hazer 1150 is described as the latest in hazer technology. It's designed to provide continuous, evenly dispersed light haze that enhances the visual effects of lasers and lighting equipment. - The hazer is particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized venues, where the even distribution of haze can create a captivating and dynamic atmosphere. - Unlike a smoke machine, the haze produced by this hazer is lighter and less intense, making it ideal for situations where you want to enhance lighting effects without overwhelming the space. - The water-based fluid used by the hazer is generally considered safe and easy to manage. **Usage:** - This type of hazer is ideal for events where a controlled and even dispersion of haze is desired, such as concerts, DJ performances, parties, and other gatherings. - The hazer can help create an immersive and visually appealing experience by enhancing the visibility of laser and lighting effects. As with any haze or fog machine, it's important to follow safety guidelines, consider venue regulations, and ensure proper ventilation. Adequate ventilation is typically necessary when using haze machines indoors. If you're interested in using the DJ Power Hazer 1150, contacting the provider to discuss availability, pricing, setup requirements, and any specific needs you have for your event will help ensure a successful and visually captivating experience.