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AVE 2000W Smoke Machine

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Pymble, NSW, Australia
Fits in a Car

Fits in a Car

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Enhance the ambiance of your events with the AVE 2000W Smoke Machine, a powerhouse in fog production that guarantees to elevate any party, concert, or theatrical performance. With an impressive 2000 watt output, this smoke machine efficiently fills large spaces with a dense, atmospheric fog, making it an ideal choice for both professional event organizers and private gatherings seeking that extra touch of dramatic flair. This machine is not just powerful, but also exceptionally user-friendly. It boasts a compact design that easily fits into a car, simplifying transportation to various venues. The setup process is straightforward, ensuring you can get your event up and running without any hassle. Key specifications include: - A robust 2000 Watt output, providing ample fog to enhance lighting effects and create a mesmerizing ambiance. - Comes with a complimentary supply of fluid, so it's ready to use right out of the box. - Features a 1.2-litre tank that supports extended use without the need for frequent refills. - Equipped with a wired remote control which includes clear indicators for power and operation status, offering convenience and ease of use. - The machine reaches operating temperature in approximately 5 minutes, meaning you won’t be kept waiting to kick start your event. For those looking to add a unique twist to their event, there's an option to include a sweet mint scent for a nominal additional charge. The machine will otherwise be supplied with standard smoke fluid. This smoke machine is perfect for anyone looking to boost their event’s appeal with professional-quality fog effects. It provides both the performance needed to cover large spaces and the practicality required for easy transportation and set-up, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any event scenario. Feel free to reach out with any queries concerning its operation or features!




October 2023

Hiring subs was easy. They demonstrated professionalism, excellent communication skills. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the future.

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March 2023

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