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Hire CDJs PACKAGE QSC, hire DJ Decks, near Kingsgrove
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Kingsgrove, NSW, Australia

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The CDJ Package QSC you've described appears to be a complete audio and DJ setup featuring professional-grade components. Here's a breakdown of the key features and items included in the package: **CDJ Package 1:** 1. **2x CDJ2000 NEXUS CD Players**: These are CDJ (Compact Disc Jockey) players from Pioneer's Nexus series. They offer advanced features for DJing and music playback, including USB connectivity, various performance functions, and compatibility with digital music files. 2. **1x DJM900 NEXUS 4 Ch Mixer**: The DJM900 Nexus is a high-quality DJ mixer with four channels. It offers various mixing and performance features, as well as compatibility with modern DJ software and digital music sources. 3. **2x 12″ QSC K12 Active Speakers**: The QSC K12 is a powerful 12-inch active speaker with its built-in amplifier. Active speakers like these have the amplifier integrated into the speaker cabinet, making them self-contained and easier to set up. 4. **2x SSA Speaker Stands and Leads**: The included speaker stands provide elevated positioning for the QSC K12 speakers, allowing for better sound projection. The "leads" likely refer to the necessary cables for connecting the components. This package is designed to provide a complete DJ and audio setup, suitable for events and performances. The combination of CDJ players, a mixer, powerful active speakers, and speaker stands offers a comprehensive solution for DJs or performers looking for high-quality equipment to deliver their music and mix seamlessly. The QSC K12 speakers are known for their clear sound and versatility, and the inclusion of Pioneer's CDJ2000 NEXUS players and DJM900 NEXUS mixer adds professional DJing capabilities to the setup. The SSA speaker stands help optimize sound projection, and the package likely includes the necessary cables to ensure connectivity. Overall, the CDJ Package QSC offers a robust and capable setup for DJs and performers looking to elevate their audio and mixing experiences.