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CR Green Dual Head Laser

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Benjamin Kennedy
Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia
Weapon Green Laser is a new member of the Compact series of lasers. Weapon Green Laser has a 50mW green diode and with front-installed double heads. Using a super single chip to hardware PWM refinement treatment and 32 subdivision motor makes the laser show much more smooth and stable approaching the effect of optical scanner.
Its ease of use (DMX automatic music wireless remote) makes it the ideal partner for your facility. In addition an IR remote controller mode has been added to the unit.
Laser Power: 50mW Green
Laser Color: Green
Rating Power: 12W
Laser Modulation: TTL Modulation Signal Frequency 0~1KHz
Scan System: High speed step motor drive and grating scan
System Port: DMX512 input and output port
Interlock Emergency switching port
Control Mode: Inside 4 in 1 mode. Digital sensitive sound control mixture
Standard DMX512 signal control IR Remote control
Control Function: Precision Step motor to orientation
Multi laser work together without cable
Work Environment: 10a_40℃ Indoor
Size: 140x160x80mm
Weight: 1.8kg


Marrickville, New South Wales

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