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Dedolight Felloni 2 Daylight 50°LED

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Benjamin Kennedy
Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia
Dedolight Felloni 2 Daylight 50° high output LED. In great condition.
Main features and specs:
With excellent color rendition due to the 576-LED array's high CRI of 95 the dedocolor FELLONI 50° High Output Daylight LED Light from Dedolight is designed to work in the most demanding situations. This model features a color temperature of 5600K useful for matching other daylight-balanced lighting sources. Also even with an output of 2750 lux at 3' the light is extremely efficient with a power consumption of 24 W. In addition to these features the dedocolor FELLONI has a weather-resistant design that will keep it functioning when a little rain gets on it.
- included: Dedolight Felloni2 50° Daylight high output LED V-Lock adapter standard dimmer AC adapter foldable softbox
- 50 % less power consumption: 24W instead of 50W; CRI up to 84; Rainproof
- Head only: 30.4 x 30.4 x 7.6 cm; 2kg


Alexandria, New South Wales

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