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Benjamin Kennedy
Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia
LILAC CHARM. In great condition.
Transform your venue with our Lilac Charm wedding package. Colours say it all; they can set a mood | change a pulse | and deliver enormous energy to any event; when it comes to your special wedding | they become irreplaceable. Pink is the colour of nurture and ever-caring | unconditional love | purple brings in an exotic touch of magic | imagination | elegance and nobility. This package combines the two to create a magical lilac garden experience; rich | grand | and magical nurturing love.
The price quoted here includes delivery and setup for uplights | special effect lights | and a fogger. You won’t be stuck to figure out all the equipment on your own | we’ll help you get everything up and working before we leave you to your transformed wedding paradise.*
Colour combinations used here are only suggestions. You may decide your own colours.
Equipment included in this package are:
12 x Uplights – pink / blue combination
2 x Effect lights for the dance floor
1 x Medium Fogger


Darlinghurst, New South Wales

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