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Redrock MicroUltraCage for CanonCam

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Benjamin Kennedy
Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia
Redrock Micro ultraCage for Canon EOS C100 camcorder. Color Black. In great condition.
Main features and specs:
The ultraCage™ is the first support cage designed specifically for the Canon EOS C100 digital cinema camera and has been called the essential accessory for transforming these phenomenal standalone cameras into phenomenal production cameras. The ultraCage™ delivers all the needed pieces for mounting accessory support stability and modularity to fulfill the promise of the C100. As with all Redrock products the ultraCage™ delivers professional quality and features. 
- ultraCage baseplate designed specifically for the Canon EOS C100 digital video camera.
- Form-fitting Canon EOS C100 cage including side arms and top plate.
- Adds very little size and weight to the overall camera
- 1/4 and 3/8 camera mounting screws


Alexandria, New South Wales

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