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ROBE HAZE 400 FT Oil Based Hazer

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Benjamin Kennedy
Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia
ROBE HAZE 400 FT Oil Based Hazer Machine. In great condition.
The Haze 400 FT™ has an internal maintenance-free air compressor a sophisticated haze transfer mechanism and a specially designed liquid tank together with two haze nozzles. It is capable of producing large volumes of virtually invisible haze. The fine translucence and staying power of the haze is even more remarkable because this hazer has no temperature controls hot air or warm-up times during operation. Its extremely powerful internal compressor is quiet and very efficient. Onboard DMX offers fully flexible control. Haze 400 FT™ Professional Hazer is an elegant combination of ultimate haze quality from a high capacity low fluid consumption silent operating machine as demanded by professionals in all sectors.

Power: AC 230 V/AC 240 V 50 Hz or AC 100 V/AC 120 V/60 Hz optionally
Output: 2800 cu.ft/min.
Fluid Consumption Rate: 16 hr/l
Tank Capacity: 2.5 liters
Remote Included: Timer Remote
Air Pressure: 30 Psi
Weight: 18.5 kg
Dimensions (mm): L 500 x W 320 x H 246
Liquid Used: Professional Haze


Marrickville, New South Wales

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