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Wedding Hire Package

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Jordan Small
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Our Wedding Hire Package covers the Sound Speeches lighting and Ambience for your Big Day. This Special Deal saves you Time Money and Stress! Your Music Our Equipment Everyone's Enjoyment. The 15 Inch Active Speakers provide Clear and Loud sound for up to 150 persons with ease and the included Aux Cable + lighting Adaptor allow for playback from a multitude of devices. Our AKG Wireless Microphone system provides a crisp signal with a long Wireless Range to ensure speeches can be heard everywhere and by everyone. The system includes a 2nd Mic so you always have a spare! The Sound Activated All in One lighting System - the Chauvet Gigbar 2.0 includes LED Par Cans for Mood lighting Derby Moonflowers and LED Strobes for some Dancefloor Action later on in the night and a Red + Green Laser for a Great Effect on any wall floor or ceiling.

What's included with the hire:
2 x Active 15 Inch Speakers
1 x AKG Wireless Microphone System (2 Mic's)
1 x Chauvet Gigbar 2.0
1 x Aux Cord - Lightning Adapter Available on Request
All Required Stands and Power + Audio Cables

[ Sound for 100 ]
[ Long Wireless Range ]


Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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