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Westcott Ice Light 2 LED (5900)

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Benjamin Kennedy
Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia
Westcott Ice Light 2 LED Light (5900). In great condition.
Main features and specs:
The Westcott Ice Light 2 LED light is an enhanced version of its predecessor built on the wish lists of photographers in the field. As their first order of business Westcott made the light 50% brighter while maintaining its 21.6 x 7.5 form factor and rendering color-accurate output with a very high CRI of 96. Ten-step dimming is accessed via the unit's handle which has a built-in digital display. The light also has a USB port and built-in Bluetooth technology for future wireless control. For videographers Westcott has doubled their efforts to produce a truly flicker-free fixture.
- included: Westcott Ice Light 2 battery charger gel clips carry case
- 5500K 10 step dimming range
- 60 minutes battery life
- 55x4.4cm 0.56kg


Alexandria, New South Wales

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