• NIKON Manual Camera with Film



    The Nikon FM10 with a 35mm film is a manual camera that offers a great opportunity for beginners and those interested in learning the basics of photography, film development, and analog photography. Here's an overview of the camera and its features: 1. **Camera Type:** The Nikon FM10 is a manual film camera, which means it requires manual adjustment of settings such as focus, aperture, and shutter speed. 2. **Ideal for Learning:** The camera is particularly well-suited for individuals who are just starting out in photography or are looking to learn the fundamentals of manual photography. It provides a hands-on experience for understanding how different settings impact the final image. 3. **Film Photography:** The use of 35mm film adds a unique learning aspect to photography, teaching users about film sensitivity, exposure, and the process of developing physical prints. 4. **Condition:** The camera is described as having a small mark on the top of the silver viewfinder. This could be a cosmetic imperfection but likely does not affect the camera's functionality. 5. **Included Lens:** The package includes one lens, which would provide the user with a basic focal length for capturing images. 6. **Lens Protection:** The black leather cover for lens protection helps keep the lens safe from scratches, dust, and other potential damage. 7. **Learning Tool:** The Nikon FM10 with its manual operation encourages users to learn the essentials of photography, from composing shots to setting exposure. This camera setup offers a practical and hands-on way to delve into the world of photography, especially for those interested in analog film photography. It's well-suited for beginners, photography courses, or individuals looking to gain a solid understanding of the foundational principles of photography through manual operation and film processing.