• Beginner 7'0 Softlite Surfboard



    GET YOUR PERFECT BEGINNER SOFT TOP SURFBOARD This little gem is the perfect beginner to beginner-intermediate soft top surfboard. It measures at 7ft and is perfect for people of all sizes. It is genuinely recommended that if you are a beginner (starting out) to beginner-intermediate (have been surfing can stand up can paddle for an hour and turn) that you rent this board! It is somewhat of a vintage board as I rode this board over 15 years ago when I was in year 5 and has been kept in great condition. The benefits of a 7ft board over a 6ft range or smaller board (depending on your size) include easier and faster paddling greater wave count and longer surf sessions. Please read below: Colour: Blue Foam (DO NOT leave the board facing upwards in the sun as this will cause the foam to bubble and cause irreversible damage to the deck) Condition: Used (15 years+ old but remains in great condition). One crease on the side of the board as pictures (WARNING: do not attempt to nose dive the board into a sand bank or strap the board down on roof racks too hard as this will cause damage to the board and extend the crease across the board's deck and/or slick) Features: Can include a 7ft legrope if you do not have one Faults: Crease as pictured.