Where to rent cheap speakers

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By Gabriella Proctor Nov 24, 2021

Where to rent cheap speakers

Have you ever found yourself in need of speakers? Maybe it’s for a party, or a corporate event, or maybe you just simply want speakers to play your bangers on! One problem –decent speakers are not typically something you have lying around. Second problem – they’re expensive too. With this in mind, why not rent speakers out for the night?


Gecko is an online marketplace, where you can borrow speakers from as little as $40 a day, to $100 for the week. To make your experience with Gecko even more efficient, you will be able to find speakers close to you by using their location filter. As if you needed another reason to ‘go Gecko’, they are committed to having a strong environmental approach to doing business, creating a shared economy instead of a consumer economy, for the sake of the environment. By borrowing items from Gecko, you’re not only guaranteed to score a bargain, but also feel good about it too!

The Party Hire Group:

The Party Hire Group is another online rental business. They have everything from speakers to cords, to sound packs, wireless microphones and receivers and PA systems. Their point of difference? They are committed to price matching any deal you have found.

DJ Warehouse:

For larger, corporate style events, DJ Warehouse is perfect. Their speakers range from as little as $45 to $699 if you’re looking for something a little more professional. They also allow you as long as you need in order to hire a product as well as provide a local pick up, or a delivery service. Check out their most popular ‘Party Speaker Pack’, which is perfect for events which may have up to 100 people.


EventEquipment provides you with a team of audio technicians, with years of large-scale event experience in order to assist you with all of your audio needs. Their services can provide you with speaker hire or audio processing equipment.

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Gabriella ProctorNov 24, 2021