Party Hire: 48 Items You Can Rent For An ‘Unforgettable’ Party

Oct 23, 2023 - Party, Event
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Written by Ben Kennedy

Preparing for parties costs a pretty penny. As Australia's cost of living rises, people are searching for new ways to host high-end events without paying high prices.

The problem with buying all of your party equipment is that it costs a small fortune. Plus, once the party is over, you’ve got dozens of items that you no longer need. Those wedding chairs and dance floor lights you purchased were brilliant for your big day. But now they’re taking up space and collecting dust in your garage!

You wouldn’t buy a beachfront villa to spend a weekend in the sun, so why pay premium prices for party equipment you’re only going to use once?

Gecko is the best way to secure everything you need for the party of your dreams. Our service enables you to rent affordable party-hire equipment safely and securely at a fraction of the cost. And once the party’s over, we’ll pick up all the hired products on your behalf. That’s a win for you and a big win for sustainability!

Don’t let price tags get in the way of your big night. Gecko’s event hire gets the party fired up without burning a hole in your pocket. In this article, I will explore fifty things you can rent on Gecko today that will make your next event one to remember. Let’s get this party started!

48 amazing products to help you host the perfect party

From disco lights and big-bass speakers to glow tables and marquees, we’ve handpicked 48 of the top rental items on Gecko that will help make your next big event one to remember.

1. Wedding hire

An example of a wedding using white chairs

Your wedding is the best day of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. Take the hassle out of hosting your big day with Gecko's huge range of wedding party hire packages

From sound systems and lighting arrangements to elegant canopies and gorgeous furniture pieces, we have everything you need to host the event of a lifetime, all without breaking the bank.

Alessandra contacted us to request our services for her big day. We worked closely with her for months to ensure everything was exactly to her liking. The wedding day rolled around, and … well, we’ll let Alessandra fill you in on the rest.

A review given by a user who used Gecko for their wedding!

Don’t let the stress of setup take the magic out of your fairytale. Let Gecko handle the details so you can focus on having the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Dance party equipment

Looking to make your next party one to remember? We like the way you think.

Gecko’s range of party equipment is the perfect way to add a dose of exhilaration to your dance floor disco.

Simply rent some affordable speakers, lighting systems, and DJ decks from our marketplace and sit back as your function transforms into the ultimate nighttime party.

3. DJ equipment hire

Nothing gets people to the dance floor like high-quality DJ Equipment. Stunning sound systems and top-class turntables are the way to go if you want to create the perfect nighttime event.

We all know sourcing DJ equipment can be expensive. That’s why we make it easier to host your event without spending top-dollar for your products.

Our DJ equipment service helped Matt host the birthday of a lifetime. He got in touch. We helped him pick out some stellar decks and speakers. Then, we turned up to install everything in time for his big night. He had a great time and loved our service. But don’t take our word for it; ask the man himself.

A review given by a user who used Gecko for their wedding!

4. Speaker hire

When it comes to your perfect event, a phone speaker isn’t going to cut it. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a full-blown birthday bash, Gecko’s speakers deliver the kind of crystal-clear audio that will have your guests dancing all night long. Plus, our partners will arrive to set them up for you. How great is that?

Gecko also has bluetooth speakers and wireless speakers if you’re on a road trip.

And the best part? They’re incredibly affordable. Just ask Richard.

A review given by a user who used Gecko for their wedding!

5. Party chairs

Whether it’s formal dinners or late-night bar seating, party chairs are essential for creating the ultimate home event. If you’re searching for affordable event seating, look no further than Gecko.

When you use our service, you only pay for the amount of chairs you need. Plus, you get to send them straight back once you're done. That means no more chairs taking up space in your loft. Score!

6. Party tables

An image of a large white table with multiple chairs.

What’s a set of chairs without a high-quality table? Whether you need a cocktail table for two, cafe tables for six, or want to arrange hundreds of tables for your next corporate event, Gecko’s got you covered.

7. Party lights

An image of multi coloured party lights being used in a concert

From laser beams and uplighting to fairy lights and strobes, there are hundreds of ways to spice up your special occasion with Gecko’s selection of party lights. Set your event aglow and let the good times roll.

Andrew knew he wanted high-impact lights for his big birthday party. We delivered. He loved how the lasers and strobe lights cut through the mist from his smoke machine.

A review left for party lights hired on Gecko.

8. Projector Hire

Turn any gathering into a cinematic experience with Gecko’s reliable projectors. Music videos, corporate presentations, movie nights—you name it. Set the stage for your unforgettable experience.

9. Microphones

A singer entertaining a crowd.

Microphones are the unsung heroes of your next big event, but why buy one for a single occasion? Gecko’s microphone rentals elevate your singalong without emptying your wallet. Whether it’s speeches, performances, or presentations, our affordable options will ensure your voice is loud and clear. Make your next karaoke session one to remember.

Rajeshwari considered buying a microphone outright but quickly realised Gecko would be far cheaper. He saved money and left us this kind of review to let us know.

A review for someone renting out a microphone on Gecko.

10. Slushie machines

An example of slushie machines that you can rent on Gecko.

Strawberry. Blueberry. Cherry. Coca Cola. Mango. Lime. Are we missing anything?

Renting your party’s frozen drink machines saves you a fortune. Plus, you won’t have a high-quality slushie machine collecting dust in your hallway a few months down the line.

A Gecko slushie machine is the ideal way to inject some fun into your next big party. Don’t believe us? Just ask loyal Gecko customer Paul Del Grande.

An example of slushie machines that you can rent on Gecko.

11. Smoke machines

An example of slushie machines that you can rent on Gecko.

Nothing does drama as well as a smoke machine. From theatrical entrances to spooky Halloween parties, Gecko’s collection of affordable smoke machine hires is the ultimate way to turn your next event into a memorable evening.

12. Glow furniture hire

Who said furniture had to be boring? Gecko’s collection of glow furniture is guaranteed to light up your night and deliver an experience like no other. Don’t believe us? Check out this stunning photo from one of our partner’s recent events.

An example of glow furnitre that you can rent on Gecko.

13. Cocktail tables

An example of cocktail tables that you can rent on Gecko.

From once-in-a-lifetime weddings to long nights on the dancefloor, our versatile cocktail tables are guaranteed to level up your event.

Opt for a multi-coloured glow table to create the ultimate party atmosphere. Or, class things up with one of our stylish wire tables, equally perfect for an outdoor event as it is a lavish indoor gathering.

Take a glimpse at how our sleek white cocktail tables turned this pretty poolside into the perfect party zone.

14. Frozen daiquiri machines

An example of frozen daquiri machines that you can rent on Gecko.

Everyone knows the only thing better than a cocktail is a frozen cocktail. The trouble is, no one wants to spend thousands for one night of frosty fun. That’s why Gecko makes it easy to rent outstanding cocktail machines for a fraction of the price.

Don’t fancy a daiquiri? Try a frozen margarita or even a frojito. Whatever you fancy, you’ll turn your cocktail party into the ultimate warm-weather fiesta with our affordable selection of cocktail machines.

15. Dry ice machines

Whether it’s creating the perfect wedding photo or setting the atmosphere for your Halloween party, a dry ice machine hire is the ideal way to add a stunning visual element to your big event.

Just look at this couple stepping amidst the clouds as they enjoy a first dance on their wedding night. We’re confident their Gecko dry ice machine provided a beautiful memory they’ll cherish forever.

A couple dancing at their wedding.

16. Effects machines

A recently married couple dancing on a stage.

What’s a party without a few dazzling special effects? From stunning strobe lighting to sound-activated LEDs, our diverse collection of effects machines is the most affordable way to bring the nightclub experience to your next at-home function.

17. Fairy floss machines

With Gecko, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create a party to remember. With our affordable fairy floss machines, you’ll be serving up little clouds of happiness to everyone, all without breaking the bank.

18. Folding chairs

A wedding venue with a nice seating arrangement.

Folding chairs may not be the most exciting party hire piece, but they’re definitely some of the most essential. Renting chairs from Gecko ensures your function runs smoothly, keeps costs down, and ensures your furniture won’t go to waste once the party is over. Win-win!

19. Heater hire

An image of an outdoor heater.

Don’t let the cold weather put a damper on your dream event. Turn your chilly outdoor space into a cosy winter warmer with Gecko’s outstanding selection of gas heaters.

20. Jukebox karaoke machines

An image of a karaoke machine.

A karaoke party doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Transform your event into a sing-along sensation and belt out your favourite tunes with Gecko’s affordable jukebox karaoke machines.

21. Jumping castles

An image of a jumping castle.

Nothing screams excitement like a jumping castle at a kid’s birthday bash (or a corporate party. Hey, we won’t judge).

From Disney Princesses and Looney Tunes to Pirates and Spiderman, our range of rental jumping castles suits every occasion. Plus, we’ll even get everything set up for you.

22. LED screens

Elevate your next event with Gecko’s range of LED screens. From cool visual effects to music videos, our range will captivate your guests and turn your party into an unforgettable experience.

23. Marquees

An image of an outdoor event in a marquee.

Don’t let unpredictable weather rain on your parade. Gecko’s marquees are your insurance policy against the elements, from Sydney birthdays to Melbourne parties. Whether overbearing heat or torrential rain, our party hire marquees have got you covered — in more ways than one.

24. Photo booths

An image of people standing infront of a photo booth.

Photo booths don’t have to cost the world. Capture the fun as you dance the night away with Gecko’s affordable photo booths, the perfect way to turn your big night into a long-lasting memory.

25. Popcorn machines

An image of a popcorn machine.

What’s popping at your party? When you rent with Gecko, it’ll be the kernels, of course. Capture the magic with our wide range of incredible popcorn machines. Whatever the occasion, Gecko’s got your snack game covered.

26. Party packages

Stop stressing and start impressing with Gecko’s incredible party packages — these brilliant bundles certain to turn your next event into a big win.

27. Corporate event packages

An image of an karaoke machine.

Leave the work event package to the pros. We’ve curated everything you need for a seamless corporate function. From cutting-edge sound systems to outstanding furniture, our packages are the ideal way to turn your work event into a lavish evening for all.

28. Corporate chair hire

Don’t let a lack of quality seating be the enemy of your exceptional corporate gathering. Gecko’s wide range of chairs is the easiest way to keep your guests happy and your wallet even happier.

29. Mixers

An image of an mixer.

There’s no need to be a DJ guru to rock the sound at your event. Gecko’s mixers are your secret weapon for pitch-perfect audio and crystal-clear tunes.

30. Subwoofer

An image of boat party with subwoofers playing.

For those wanting something more from their sound system, our subwoofers are the ultimate way to bring the bass to your big event. Nicholas certainly felt the music when he ordered his DJ set and subwoofers from Gecko.

An image of a review for someone who rented a party package with Gecko.

31. LED furniture

An image of LED furniture.

Furniture doesn’t have to mean boring. Our sleek LED furniture pieces will add a futuristic flair to any gathering. Take your ambience to the next level with Gecko.

32. Cake stands

An image of a cake on stand.

Elevate your wedding cake with Gecko’s elegant cake stands. These stylish additions are the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to your special day.

33. Wedding chair hire

An image of a wedding venue with organised chairs.

Make your special day memorable with Gecko’s wedding chair rentals. They’re elegant. They’re affordable. And you can return them all after your big day. With all of these perks, there's no reason not to say “I do” to our gorgeous selection of wedding chairs.

An image of a wedding venue with chairs.

34. CDJs

Whether you’re a pro DJ or want to bring the music magic to your next party, our CDJ rentals bring the beats to life without breaking the bank. Pump up the volume!

35. DJMs

Mix, blend, and groove to the beat with Gecko’s high-quality DJM rentals. Our affordable Pioneer Electronic rentals are the ultimate way to elevate your party’s sound without paying a hefty price tag.

36. Bar tables

An image of a bar with tables.

Even the greatest cocktail experience can’t be perfect if you have nowhere to put your drinks. Raise your glass to Gecko’s selection of high-quality bar tables and host your night in style.

37. Trestle tables

Functional furniture doesn’t have to cost the world. Our range of affordable trestle tables are ideal for all occasions. Elevate your gathering at a fraction of the cost, and then return your tables when you’re done. Keep your costs low and your carbon footprint lower!

38. DJ tables

You’ve got your DJ set, but where're you going to put it? Don’t settle for makeshift tables. Gecko’s range of durable DJ booths will keep the beats flowing smoothly all night long.

39. Round tables

An image of a round table.

If you’re looking to create an inviting atmosphere for your next special event, our budget-friendly round tables are the choice for you. Gather ’round and make your big day a memory you’ll cherish forever.

40. Lasers

An image of multi coloured party lights being used in a concert

Ready to take your event to the next level? Gecko’s lasers are the secret sauce for adding that extra bit of excitement to your party. Create mesmerising light shows, turn up the dazzle and have your guests dancing the night away with our stunning rental selection.

41. Disco lighting and balls

An image of a disco ball.

Get your boogie on with our all-in-one disco packages. Our rental disco balls and lights are guaranteed to keep the dance vibes alive without dimming your budget.

42. Uplighting

An image of a disco ball hung from the ceiling.

It doesn’t take lasers and LEDs for your event lighting to be remarkable. Transform your special day into a fairytale with our stunning uplighting packages.

43. Moving head lighting

An image of a moving head light.

Nothing says club vibes like moving head lights. Make them react to sound, or let them move to their own groove. However you set up your big night, Gecko’s selection of moving head lights is the most affordable way to get the party started.

44. Strobe lights

An image of strobe lights.

Get your raving shoes on! If you’re ready to pump up the energy at your event, our strobe lights are the pulse-pounding rental for you. Get ready to make your dancefloor come alive.

45. Fog machines

An image of a running fog machine.

Creating an atmosphere for your next event needn’t break the bank. From spooky Halloween parties to dance floor thrillers, Gecko’s fog machines are the best way to add a touch of mystery to your next party.

46. Projectors screens

An image of a projector screen.

Your projector is only going to get you so far without a high-quality screen. Display visuals and set up slideshows in style with Gecko’s incredible selection of projector screens.

47. Red carpet

An image of a red carpet.

Elevate your special day with our collection of beautiful white aisle runners. Or, if you want something a little more vogue, enter your party in catwalk style with our red carpet runner, the perfect way to feel like a superstar as you stroll into your event. Watch out for the paparazzi!

48. Cameras

An image of a camera.

You’ve finally created your perfect party. Now, you need a camera to capture the moment. Sit back, relax, and create memories to last a lifetime with Gecko’s selection of top-quality cameras. Charles rented out a Sony camera for his big event and loved the fact it came with extra lenses.

An image of a review of a camera rented on Gecko.

Learn more about Gecko

At Gecko, we believe affordable party hire shouldn’t come at the cost of our planet. We’re on a mission to make party hire cheaper for everyone, reduce wastage, and create a sharing economy for those who want first-class experiences without paying premium prices.

If you’re looking to hire items in NSW, VIC or QLD, Gecko’s vast range of party hire equipment has everything you need to host the night of your life. Browse the complete collection today to discover your next bargain. We service Australia-wide. Feel free to check out our city-based locations to find party items for rent near you:

Have some high-quality furniture collecting dust at home? Want to finally get some use out of those LED lights? Become a rental business provider at Gecko today and make up to $500 a week renting out your unused equipment.

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