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Hire Dry Ice Machine with Operator, hire Smoke Machines, near Kingsford
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Dry Ice Machine with Operator



Kingsford, NSW, Australia
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You're describing a dry ice machine rental service with an operator for special events. Here's a breakdown of the details: **Service Description:** - The service offers a dry ice machine with an operator for hire. - The machine is particularly suitable for events like first dances at weddings and dramatic walk-ins to create a visually stunning effect. **Operator Inclusion:** - An operator is included in the service for a 2-hour call out. This operator will oversee the setup, operation, and proper usage of the dry ice machine. **Dry Ice Quantity:** - The service includes 15 kgs (kilograms) of dry ice, which is the material used to create the dramatic smoke or fog effect. **Usage Scenarios:** - The dry ice machine is suggested for specific moments within events, such as the first dance at weddings, where a mystical and magical atmosphere is desired. It can also be used for impactful walk-ins at various events. **Package Options:** - The mention of offering a package price with sparkulars suggests the possibility of bundling the dry ice machine with sparkulars, which are devices that create indoor sparkler-like effects without the use of traditional pyrotechnics. This could enhance the overall visual impact of the event. **Benefits:** - **Visual Impact:** The dry ice machine can create a visually captivating and ethereal effect, adding an element of enchantment to special moments. - **Professional Operation:** Having an operator ensures the machine is used properly and safely, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event. - **Event Enhancement:** This effect is particularly well-suited for enhancing specific moments, creating lasting memories for attendees. **Important Considerations:** - **Safety:** Dry ice is extremely cold and should be handled with care. Adequate ventilation is important when using dry ice machines indoors. - **Venue Approval:** Always ensure the venue permits the use of dry ice machines and any other special effects you plan to use. - **Communication:** Discuss your event's specific requirements and needs with the service provider, including the desired effect, timing, setup area, and any other relevant details. When considering this service, it's important to communicate directly with the provider to discuss availability, pricing, safety measures, and any customization options based on your event's theme and goals. This service has the potential to create a memorable and magical atmosphere for your guests.