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By Gecko Jan 11, 2022

We help people rent items easily and securely to create unforgettable experiences.

The birth of Gecko

Working in events from a young age it wasn’t long before our founders experienced first-hand the pains of renting out equipment.

With big events came many requests for hard to get items like confetti cannons and special party lights.

Calling business after business to try and find these items just to tell clients it wasn’t possible proved to be incredibly slow, frustrating and disappointing for everyone.

Even at a young age we knew, there had to be a better way.

Years later a camping trip to a music festival with a group of mates solidified this.

Trying to rent gazebos, tents, lights, speakers and tables proved simply to be too difficult. Overcomplicated forms, lots of phone calls and lengthy booking processes prompted the question - how could we unlock the true potential of renting? 🔑

We left the festival frustrated and run down but determined to make renting simple for everyone.

From that day the plan was hatched, Gecko was going to transform the rental industry to give customers a platform that made sharing easy and secure for everyone. 🎉

Our vision: To the world and beyond

Over the next ten years, we want to take the world from consumers to sharers for the sake of the environment. By making renting just as easy as buying, we aim to drive a push towards sustainable consumption that benefits not just our customers but the planet too. 🌱

Achieving this means providing an 11-star renting experience from start to finish, making it as simple as possible for anyone to rent anytime.

Our values

Customers first

Listening to our customers is crucial to creating a renting experience that's always better than the last.

We use customer feedback to continually improve our service and create new features and tools to make sure every Gecko experience is the best it can be.

This page is no different - have an idea, suggestion, or feedback? Let us know below! 😊

Be a force for good

At Gecko we strive to have a positive impact on the world in any way we can, both as a start-up and as individuals. Whether environmentally, socially, or personally we always aim to leave the world better off than when we started. 🌎

Our goal

We aim to be more than just a rental marketplace; our goal is to make the lives of both our customers and rental businesses as easy as possible. 👌

By offering an easy to use booking system with fast and secure payments accessible to anyone, we aim to bring renting into people's everyday lives.

Time to Geck-going

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Create unforgettable experiences with Gecko🦎

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GeckoJan 11, 2022