Help - Organising a Party in 24 Hours

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By Gabriella Proctor Dec 06, 2021

Help! I need to organise a party in less than 24 hours…

So, you’ve left your party to the last minute… we won’t judge (we’ve all been there). There’s so much to organise, pick up, decorate… you get our point. So much to do and so little time! 😱

So, without further ado, we’re here to help you de-stress and provide you with the best tips for arranging a party on the fly! 😎


It’s highly likely you’ve sent out the invitations… However, if you haven’t had time to respond to RSVPs and questions people have had, take a moment to be thankful for the advancements of modern technology! 😅

If you want to send a quick reminder of any last minute details (where to park, BYO), be sure to post a Facebook message in a group chat or Facebook event page.

Hire DJ and Party Equipment

Decor is a crucial element to any party, seeing as it can create atmosphere and create even better instagram memories…💁🏻

Unsure of how to create the ultimate party vibe? There are so many things you can hire from speakers, party lights, DJ decks, and even cool party equipment!

Check out our link below, to find everything from backdrops, lights, donut walls, candy carts and more. After all, you are unforgettable and your party decor should be too!


When it comes to food, you’re going to want something to feed the masses and quickly… 🥡

With little time, we recommend going with experienced event caterers or even take-away if you are hoping to plan something with a slightly tighter budget.

Airtasker is a great place to help you find the perfect caterer for your event. You just simply post your task and the requirements that you want for the event, where you can choose who you want to hire for the job!

It’s as simple as that 😋

Get your party started

To get your party hype, you’ll need banging music, lights and a Dj set. However, we know that much of this equipment isn’t cheap or something you have lying around the house… 😬

With this in mind, we recommend using Gecko to borrow these items, at up to a quarter of the price. It turns out you can pump it up without breaking the bank! 🎉


If you have any questions unresolved, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Gabriella ProctorDec 06, 2021