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When event planners find themselves in need of captivating ambiance for their extraordinary occasions, the decision to hire smoke machines becomes paramount. Whether hosting a grand corporate gala or a mesmerising private affair, an event planner faces a pivotal choice between mediocrity and the extraordinary. Opting for the sublime allure of Gecko's smoke machines to hire not only elevates the atmosphere, but also transcends conventional limitations. Transforming any venue into a breathtaking spectacle, our avant-garde smoke machines are a testament to innovation, guaranteeing you an unrivalled experience with the following unparalleled advantages:

  • Have fun: Hire smoke machines as an amazing way to enhance your party in addition with lights, so you can create a fun an amazing creating unforgettable memories with your friends, family and guests.

  • Easy and convenient: Renting a smoke machine is easy and convenient with Gecko where there are so many different types and sizes to choose from with different prices, so there is one suited for your needs.

  • Find the right one: Explore the many different smoke machines suited for the event or party type so you can find the best one to impress your family and friends.

  • Smoke machine in your area: Hire smoke machines near your area so it is convenient to arrange a pick-up or delivery with the owner so there is less stress for you.

  • Reliable process: Gecko ensures that your hiring process is as easy and convenient as it can be where we have a reliable customer service on hand to deal with any issues or queries in the process to hire a smoke machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of smoke machines are available?

Do you provide the necessary fog fluid or haze juice with the smoke machine rental?

Will the smoke machine set off the smoke alarm?

Are there specific safety considerations or venue restrictions for using a smoke machine?

How long does the smoke fluid last, and can I rent additional fluid if needed?