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Hire Gig Bar with Small Smoke Machine, hire Party Lights, near Newstead
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Gig Bar with Small Smoke Machine

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Newstead, QLD, Australia

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Electrify your event with our premium lighting and effects package, featuring the Chauvet Gig Bar 2 alongside a compact yet powerful Smoke Machine. This dynamic duo is designed to transform any venue into a vibrant, atmospheric entertainment space, perfect for parties, weddings, DJ sets, and corporate events. The Chauvet Gig Bar 2 is a comprehensive all-in-one light system, cleverly combining multiple lighting effects into a single, easy-to-operate unit. This spectacular piece of equipment includes RGB (Red, Green, Blue) + UV lights, which offer rich, vivid colours and striking ultraviolet hues for incredible ambient effects. Additionally, the Gig Bar 2 is equipped with a Strobe feature, a mesmerising Laser, and dynamic Disco FX and Wash capabilities. The inclusion of multiple effects allows for the creation of a tailored, professional light show that can adapt to the mood and scale of any gathering. Complementing the light extravaganza is the Small Smoke Machine, a crucial piece for adding drama and enhancing the visibility of the lighting effects. The smoke machine produces a fine, consistent mist that beautifully showcases the laser and light beams, thereby intensifying the overall visual impact without overpowering the space. Both items are user-friendly and designed for plug-and-play installation, making them suitable for setting up by anyone keen to enhance their event's atmosphere without requiring professional tech skills. With the combination of the Gig Bar 2’s diverse lighting effects and the ambient contribution of the Smoke Machine, this package promises to be the highlight of your event's entertainment setup, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.




March 2023

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