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Hire Antari M9 LED Upside Down Smoke Jet Machine / Fogger (1820W), hire Smoke Machines, near Beresfield
Hire Antari M9 LED Upside Down Smoke Jet Machine / Fogger (1820W), hire Smoke Machines, near Beresfield image 1
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Antari M9 LED Upside Down Smoke Jet Machine / Fogger (1820W)

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Beresfield, NSW, Australia

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Elevate your event with the Antari M9 LED Upside Down Smoke Jet Machine / Fogger, a state-of-the-art 1820W fogger that combines high performance with innovative technology. This dynamic device is expertly engineered to create dazzling atmospheric effects with a powerful blast of fog that can reach impressive heights, similar to CO2 effects but without the need for hazardous tanks. The M9 is specially designed to be mounted in multiple orientations, including upside-down installations, ensuring flawless operation and no fluid leakage. It features advanced 27 x 8W RGBAW 5-in-1 LED lights that illuminate the fog in a vivid array of colours, adding a dramatic flair to any stage, nightclub, or private event. The fogger heats up in approximately 14 minutes and includes a spacious 6-litre fluid tank, which uses the efficient Antari FLC Super Light Fog Fluid for prolonged usage and minimal refilling. It is highly efficient with a fluid consumption rate of 400 ml per minute, making it suitable for extended use during long events. Control is flexible and user-friendly, offering options such as DMX 512, manual setting, a built-in timer, and master/slave operation, enhanced by optional wireless DMX capabilities. This versatility makes the M9 suitable for professional technicians and novice users alike. The device also includes 8 pre-programmed colour chase effects and 25 colour macros for easy setup and spectacular visual sequences. Constructed with robust materials, this fogger stands at dimensions of L 393mm x W 320mm x H 419.3mm and weighs 24.0 Kg, making it a durable and reliable choice for any event production needs. Whether it's for a concert, festival, or a corporate event, the Antari M9 LED Fogger is designed to impress and elevate the atmospheric experience.




March 2023

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