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Hire 2x Speakers, Smoke Machine & 3x Lights, hire Party Lights, near Kingsford
Hire 2x Speakers, Smoke Machine & 3x Lights, hire Party Lights, near Kingsford image 1
Hire 2x Speakers, Smoke Machine & 3x Lights, hire Party Lights, near Kingsford image 2
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2x Speakers, Smoke Machine & 3x Lights

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One Round Entertainment



Kingsford, NSW, Australia
Fits in a Car

Fits in a Car

Should fit in the back

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Easy to setup

Simple to setup

Verified Lender

Verified Lender

Great for

Great for

100 - 200+ people

Great For

Great For

Kids Birthday Parties, 21st Birthday Parties, 40th Birthday Parties


Connects with

iPhone, Android devices, Laptops, DJ Decks, Microphones


It seems like you're listing some equipment for an event setup. Here's a breakdown of the items you've mentioned: 1. **Two Speakers - JBL PRX612M:** The JBL PRX612M is a powered loudspeaker designed for professional sound reinforcement. It features built-in amplification and high-quality components, making it suitable for various applications such as live performances, events, and venues. These speakers are likely capable of delivering clear and powerful audio. 2. **One Smoke Machine:** A smoke machine is a device that generates a mist or fog-like substance, often used in stage productions, events, and parties to enhance lighting effects and create an atmospheric ambiance. The fog created by the smoke machine can interact with lighting to produce visually stunning effects. 3. **Three Lights:** You've mentioned three lights, but it's not specified what type of lights these are. Based on the context of your previous messages, it's possible that you're referring to lighting fixtures similar to the Razor Tri you previously described. These lights could be used to create colorful and dynamic lighting effects at your event. Please note that this setup includes audio equipment (speakers), visual effects (smoke machine and lights), and possibly lighting fixtures that match the description of the Razor Tri. If you have any specific questions about these items or their setup, feel free to provide more details or ask for further information.


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Great experience, loved the product, delivery driver was super friendly, on time, on point and very good service!

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