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Smithfield, NSW, Australia

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Illuminate your event with the precision and brilliance of the FOLLOWSPOT 120W LED. This state-of-the-art spotlight is an essential tool for enhancing live performances, speeches, or any focal presentation, making it an ideal choice for weddings, theatres, concerts, and corporate events. Its powerful 120W LED bulb ensures a bright, white beam that can reach distances while maintaining clarity, ensuring your subject stands out against any backdrop. Crafted for ease of use and flexibility, this follow spot offers a manually adjustable beam angle, ranging from an intense narrow beam to a wider wash, allowing you to customize the spotlight to meet the demands of your event. The unit includes a comprehensive set of features such as a manual focus, which enables precise beam shaping and a smooth dimming feature which ensures seamless transitions in brightness to fit the mood of the scene or moment. The FOLLOWSPOT 120W LED is not only powerful but also highly practical. It comes with an integrated tripod stand that provides stable and adjustable support, making it simple to position for optimal coverage. The stand’s height can be easily adjusted, ensuring that you can achieve the right angle irrespective of the venue size. Moreover, the device is designed with a silent cooling fan, which guarantees quiet operation, critical for maintaining the ambiance during performances or speeches. Overall, this follow spot is a robust, reliable, and user-friendly lighting solution, perfect for highlighting key moments and adding a professional touch to any event. Its durability and ease of use make it a popular choice for event planners and production teams who require dependable and high-quality lighting equipment.


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