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Cocktail Party Pack

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Beresfield, NSW, Australia

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Elevate your gathering with our exclusive Cocktail Party Pack, an essential selection for any celebration that seeks to impress with a touch of fun and flair. This tailored package caters perfectly to birthdays, corporate events, weddings, and more, providing everything needed to serve up delicious, icy treats that double as conversation starters. **1. Dual Chamber Slush Machine:** This state-of-the-art machine features two separate chambers, enabling the service of two distinct flavours of cocktails simultaneously. Each chamber is equipped with user-friendly controls to maintain the perfect slushy consistency, ensuring your guests receive the highest quality refreshments throughout the event. **2. Selection of Base Flavours:** Choose two base flavours from our diverse assortment to lay the foundation for your unique cocktail creations. Our selection ranges from vibrant fruity concoctions to classic cocktail bases, designed to cater to all palates and preferences. **3. Serving Supplies:** Included in the pack are high-quality cups and spoon straws, the latter being specially designed for the dual enjoyment of sipping and enjoying the frozen slush. These utensils are not only practical but also add an element of fun to the drinking experience. **Available Flavour Options:** - Raspberry - Cola - Blue Lagoon - Fruit Tingle - Pina Colada - Cosmopolitan - Illusion - Margarita - Sex on the Beach These flavours encompass a broad spectrum from sweet and tangy to rich and creamy, ensuring that there’s a choice to match everyone’s taste. Offer your guests an unforgettable experience with our Cocktail Party Pack, which promises not just excellent cocktails but also guarantees a splash of excitement to your celebration. Ideal for setting up a highlight feature at your event, this pack represents the ultimate in convenience and entertainment, minus the hassle of setup.




March 2023

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