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12 Inch Powered Speaker

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Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia
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Self powered 200W power Independent volume control Connect your own music Our 12 inch powered speaker is the perfect solution for any event needing amplified audio. With its built in amp for loudness, this powered speaker takes out the hassle of having to set up any more equipment for your music or microphone. The speaker has a dedicated volume control on the back, so no matter what you plug in to the speaker, wether its your phone, tablet, or microphone, you know you’ll have total control over the volume, so you can raise the volume for your birthday speech, lower it to a relaxing level while eating, then crank it up for the party tunes! Our 12 inch powered speaker is made up of two speakers; One tweeter for your higher pitched sounds, and one main speaker for the lower sounds and bass. So no matter what type of music you wish to play, you will know it will sound clear, crisp, and fantastic through our speaker. The powered speaker has an XLR connection. This means, using our iPod to XLR cable (also available for hire here), you can use the speaker to connect directly to a microphone, output to a second speaker, or connect the speaker to DJ equipment. We also stock the audio cable connection so that you can connect the speaker to your portable device for music. Any device will work, such as a Samsung phone, iPhone, iPod, and tablets. Any device that has a headphone jack will connect through our special Jack to XLR cable. With the hire of every speaker, we supply a power cable for you, and the XLR cable necessary to connect your audio source. Please note that the iPod/Jack to XLR cable is not supplied as well. We do supply the correct iPod/Headphone jack cable so that you may play your own music through our 10 inch powered speaker. Be sure to add on speaker stands to give your speakers that bit of lift and extra style your party deserves.