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Hire Project X House Party Package, hire Speakers, near Caloundra West
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Project X House Party Package

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Mudcrab Music and Events

Caloundra West, QLD, Australia

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Transform your home into the ultimate party venue with the Project X House Party Package. This comprehensive bundle caters excellently to large gatherings, with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment designed to create an unforgettable atmosphere. The core of this package features two 15-inch active speakers and two JBL PRX 818 XLF subwoofers, each packing a powerful 1500 watts. This setup ensures a rich, full-bodied sound that effortlessly fills the space, accommodating an audience of up to 250 people. Whether it’s pulsating beats or clear, crisp vocals, this sound system delivers exceptional performance throughout. For the audio aficionados wishing to take control of their playlist, a Yamaha PA mixer is included. This user-friendly mixer provides versatile connectivity options for an auxiliary input and various other audio sources. Moreover, a Shure SM58 wired microphone is available, ideal for any announcements or impromptu karaoke sessions. Enhancing the sonic experience, the package also includes a spectacular array of lighting effects. Two high-powered lasers - one RGY and one RBP - paint your party space with vibrant colours and dynamic patterns. Additionally, the Chauvet Radius 2.0 and Chauvet Swarm are perfect for creating a lively, club-like ambience with their eye-catching light displays. No party atmosphere would be complete without a smoke machine, which is also provided. The smoke accentuates the beams from the lighting fixtures, adding depth and intensity to the light effects, enveloping your guests in a mesmerising visual experience. The package includes all necessary stands and power and audio cables, ensuring you have everything needed to set up and run the equipment smoothly. Prepare for a lively, energetic, and memorable night with the Project X House Party Package, guaranteed to make your event a sensational hit.


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