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Hire Pacifica Wicker 7 Seater with 3 Tables, hire Chairs, near Bassendean
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Pacifica Wicker 7 Seater with 3 Tables

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Bassendean, WA, Australia

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Introducing the Pacifica Wicker 7 Seater with 3 Tables, an exquisite collection tailored for sophisticated gatherings and outdoor relaxation areas. This ensemble is meticulously designed to enhance any event space with its elegant and versatile features. Crafted from high-quality wicker, this set includes seven sumptuous seats and three coordinating tables, ensuring ample space for guests to unwind and interact. The configuration comprises five centre modules, each measuring 70 x 110 x 58 cm, alongside two corner modules, each spanning 90 x 110 x 58 cm. The thoughtful modular design allows for a variety of layouts, enabling customisation to suit different spatial needs and event types. Adding to the charm and comfort are the plush, dark cushions which contrast beautifully with the light wicker frames. These cushions not only provide exceptional comfort but also lend a modern and inviting appeal to the setup. Complementing the seating, the set includes three sleek wicker tables. Each table measures 81 cm in length, 70 cm in width, and stands at a height of 27 cm, making them perfect for holding refreshments, floral arrangements, or event paraphernalia. Their robust construction and stylish finish integrate seamlessly with the seating, creating a coherent and functional lounging zone. This Pacifica Wicker set is perfect for event planners looking to imbue their occasions with a sense of luxury and practicality. Whether it's a corporate event, a casual garden party, or an elegant outdoor wedding, this furniture set promises to meet all your seating and aesthetic requirements while ensuring your guests enjoy their time in utmost comfort and style. Capture the spirit of any gathering with this versatile and beautifully designed collection.


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