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Bassendean, WA, Australia

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The Rocket Stool offers a stellar blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, ideal for enhancing the decor at your next event. This piece draws inspiration from industrial designs, featuring a robust metal construction that promises durability and stability. With a sleek, metallic finish, this stool not only adds to the visual allure but also maintains a touch of sophistication that can complement any event theming from high-end corporate gatherings to laid-back social events. Measuring 460mm in height, 390mm in width, and 390mm in depth, the Rocket Stool provides ample seating space without occupying too much floor area, making it perfect for events with space constraints. The incorporation of a handle in the seat design is not merely a functional element for easy manoeuvrability but also contributes to the stool's unique look, enhancing its industrial vibe. Versatile in its utility, the Rocket Stool can serve as both a practical seating solution and a decorative element. Whether placed alongside rustic wooden tables or lined up at a sleek bar, the stool's charismatic presence is sure to elevate the overall ambiance of your gathering. Its robust material ensures that it can withstand the bustling nature of various events, from outdoor celebrations to elegant indoor soirées. Consider the Rocket Stool as more than just a seating option; view it as an integral part of your event's decor that promises both style and comfort. Its timeless design and resilient build make it a prudent choice for event planners looking to create memorable and comfortable settings for their guests.


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