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Hire BLACK TOLIX STOOL, hire Chairs, near Carlton
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Carlton, NSW, Australia

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Elevate the aesthetic of your next event with the Black Tolix Stool, a timeless piece combining style and durability. This iconic stool has been crafted to suit both interior and exterior settings, making it the perfect solution for an array of occasions, from garden parties and weddings to corporate gatherings and chic cocktail evenings. Constructed from high-grade metal with a glossy black finish, the Black Tolix Stool offers robustness while maintaining a lightweight design, which ensures both ease of use and practicality. The stool stands at a convenient height of 75 cm, accommodating various table types and bar settings comfortably. Its stackable feature also makes it a space-efficient choice when it comes to storage and setup, thereby providing an advantage for event organisers. Not just a functional item, this stool also brings a modern industrial charm to any décor. Its sleek silhouette and glossy black coating are versatile for any theme or colour scheme, enhancing your event without overpowering existing elements. Whether placed beside an elegant high table or lined up along a lively bar, the Black Tolix Stool always makes a statement. Reflecting both elegance and practicality, this stool is engineered to withstand extensive use, making it a reliable option for frequent events. Its flat-seated top is designed for comfort, allowing your guests to relax and enjoy the ambience without compromise. Ideal for event planners and venues seeking to add a hint of sophistication and utility to their furniture collection, the Black Tolix Stool is more than just seating—it's part of the experience. Ensure your event stands out with this stylish, dependable seating choice.




March 2023

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