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Ringwood, VIC, Australia

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Introducing the majestic Throne Chair – a quintessential embodiment of regality and opulence. Ideal for transforming any event into a royal affair, this chair's stately presence is sure to captivate and charm your guests. Crafted meticulously, the chair features a grand frame ornately adorned in a rich golden finish. The imposing high back design, highlighted by intricate carvings and detailing, establishes a luxury seldom seen in modern furnishings. Measuring an impressive height and depth, the chair’s dimensions ensure it is the centrepiece of any occasion. The seating is upholstered in a pristine white, tufted synthetic leather, lending an air of classic elegance and pure sophistication. This pristine upholstery not only contrasts brilliantly with the golden frame but also ensures a comfortable sitting experience. Whether positioned as an august seat for a bride and groom or as a noble addition to a lavish gathering, this throne chair elevates the ambiance of any space. Furthermore, the chair is not only a feast for the eyes but is built for durability and sustained use. Whether it graces wedding ceremonies, significant birthdays, elite gatherings, or serves as a distinguished prop for photoshoots or stage presentations, it promises to add a layer of luxury and a hint of historical grandeur. Perfect for event organisers, venue decorators, or anyone wishing to infuse their occasions with a touch of royalty. This Throne Chair is undeniably a jewel in the crown of any event décor, ensuring every event is remembered as a lavish, aristocratic affair.


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Ringwood, VIC, Australia

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