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Hire OTTOMAN HIRE WHITE (CUBE), hire Chairs, near Shenton Park
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Perth Party Hire

Shenton Park, WA, Australia

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Envision the simplicity and elegance of the OTTOMAN HIRE WHITE (CUBE), impeccably designed to be a seamless addition to your distinguished gatherings. Crafted for versatility and style, this pristine, white ottoman boasts a cubed form that readily adapts to a diversity of event settings, from sophisticated soirees to intimate garden parties. Crafted from high-quality materials, the ottoman presents a durable yet soft exterior, making it both easy to maintain and delightful to use. Its clean white hue is not just striking but also plays a pivotal role in complementing any colour scheme, enhancing the thematic sophistication of your decor. Measuring 45cm x 45cm, this compact piece does not compromise on comfort, providing ample space for guests to sit back and engage comfortably. This cubed ottoman does more than offer a seating solution; it acts as a dynamic building block in event design. Whether arranged as a standalone accent or paired in clusters, its uniform shape and colour can be used to create geometric elegance or a relaxed lounge area. Its simplicity allows for versatility in decoration as well, supporting bolder decor elements or maintaining minimalist charm, depending on the event's requirements. Ideal for various social settings, the OTTOMAN HIRE WHITE (CUBE) ensures that your event is not only a visual feast but also a haven of comfort for your guests, thereby elevating the overall experience of your special occasions. Its adaptability and sophisticated appearance make it a sought-after piece for those looking to refine their event's aesthetic with a touch of class and functionality.


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