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Hire PIONEER DJM-700 MIXER, hire Audio Mixer, near Carlton
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Step up the quality of your DJ performances with the Pioneer DJM-700 Mixer, an advanced mixing solution that caters to DJs of all skill levels. Crafted by industry leader Pioneer, this mixer combines user-friendly functionality with high-grade technology to deliver exceptional sound output and versatility. **Components Included**: - **Pioneer DJM-700 Mixer**: The core unit offering extensive mixing capabilities. - **Power Cable**: Attached directly to the mixer to power the unit. - **RCA to 3.5mm Aux Cable**: Enables connection of audio devices with a 3.5mm output. **Key Features**: **1. Advanced Sound Engineering**: The DJM-700 sports studio-quality 96 kHz/24-bit sampling and a powerful 32-bit DSP processor, ensuring pristine sound reproduction and precise mixing capabilities. **2. Customisable Effects**: Comes equipped with numerous built-in effects including Reverb, Delay, and unique options like Roll sampling and Filter effects, which can be manipulated with a large Effects Frequency filter knob. **3. Flexible Connectivity**: This mixer supports a variety of input and output formats, including 4 DJ turntable inputs, digital input, and S/PDIF digital output, ensuring compatibility with most DJ setups. **4. Intuitive Controls**: Featuring a user-friendly layout with large, tactile knobs and faders for comfortable, intuitive control. The Beat Select buttons allow quick setting of tempo-related parameters. **5. Robust Build**: Known for durability, the DJM-700 is constructed with a solid metal chassis and high-quality components that withstand the rigours of frequent use and transportation. Perfect for a plethora of environments from club settings to private functions, the Pioneer DJM-700 enables both novice and professional DJs to craft compelling sets with creativity and control. This mixer not only allows easy manipulation of tracks but also provides the tools to explore new sonic territories in live scenarios. Set your mixes apart and move the crowd with the reliable performance of the Pioneer DJM-700 Mixer.




March 2023

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