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Hire Pioneer XDJRX2 2-Channel USB DJ Media Player, hire DJ Decks, near Camperdown
Hire Pioneer XDJRX2 2-Channel USB DJ Media Player, hire DJ Decks, near Camperdown image 1
Hire Pioneer XDJRX2 2-Channel USB DJ Media Player, hire DJ Decks, near Camperdown image 2
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Pioneer XDJRX2 2-Channel USB DJ Media Player

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Camperdown Sound



Camperdown, NSW, Australia
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Elevate your DJ experience to new heights with our meticulously curated comprehensive package, designed to empower you with cutting-edge tools and unparalleled capabilities. **Inclusions:** **1x Pioneer XDJRX2 Standalone USB DJ Controller:** Immerse yourself in the future of DJing with the Pioneer XDJ-RX2. Blending the exceptional features of the flagship NXS2 series, this 2-deck, 2-channel all-in-one system transforms your DJing into an art form. Whether you're seamlessly integrating with rekordbox dj via your laptop or effortlessly playing tracks from a USB device, the XDJ-RX2 ensures a professional-grade performance. The 7-inch Large Touch Screen offers intuitive control, while the DJM-900NXS2 Performance Features allow you to sculpt your sound with precision. With 16 RGB Pads for dynamic triggering, Two Mic Inputs for seamless collaboration, and Two USB-A Ports for flexible connectivity, the XDJ-RX2 grants you access to a realm of unparalleled creativity. **1x IEC Cable:** Stay firmly grounded in your music journey with a stable and reliable power supply. This IEC cable ensures that your performance remains uninterrupted, enabling you to focus solely on delivering a mesmerizing auditory experience. **1x XDJRX2 Roadcase:** Take your show on the road with unwavering confidence, thanks to the included custom-designed road case for the XDJ-RX2. Crafted to endure the demanding rigors of transportation, this road case provides superior protection, allowing you to traverse any distance while keeping your equipment safeguarded. **Description:** The Pioneer XDJ-RX2 Standalone USB DJ Controller transcends traditional boundaries, emerging as a true masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of Pioneer's flagship NXS2 series. It isn't merely a controller – it's a portal to sonic wonderlands, a conduit for your creative prowess. Whether you're a laptop-centric DJ or prefer the simplicity and directness of USB-driven performances, the XDJ-RX2 delivers a symphony of excellence. The expansive 7-inch Large Touch Screen beckons you to navigate effortlessly through your musical landscape, while the revered DJM-900NXS2 Performance Features empower you to mold soundscapes that enrapture your audience. Enrich your performance with 16 RGB Pads, breathing life into your sets with dynamic triggers and effects. Collaborate seamlessly with the inclusion of Two Mic Inputs, and explore an array of connectivity options through Two USB-A Ports. The Pioneer XDJ-RX2 isn't just a tool – it's your partner in musical exploration. Elevate your performances, captivate your audience, and embark on a journey of sonic brilliance that defies convention. With the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 as your guide, your path to DJing greatness has never been clearer. Start your ascent into the realm of musical mastery today.


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October 2023

Camperdown sounds was so timely, efficient and the quality of speakers were great! We had such a pleasant pick up and drop off experience. Only thing would be to include some simple written instruction so we could know how to connect to different devices. Other than that totally recommend !!

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September 2023

I needed to rent some dj decks and speakers from Camperdown sound for a party. They're a kick-ass team, were flexible with timing and told us how to set everything up.

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March 2023

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