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Carlton, NSW, Australia

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Turn your event into an unforgettable party with the ultimate Party DJ Pack. Tailored for both aspiring and professional DJs, this comprehensive package includes top-of-the-line equipment renowned for its reliability and outstanding performance. The kit features two Pioneer CDJ-900 Nexus multi-players, a Pioneer DJM-750 mixer and all necessary connecting cables, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to deliver a high-energy, audiovisual experience. The dual Pioneer CDJ-900 Nexus players are the cornerstone of this setup, offering versatility with the capability to play from CDs, USBs, and even link up via LAN connection for multiple player synchronisation. Each unit comes equipped with a large, jog-wheel interface for intuitive performance and control, along with a wide range of functions like Slip Mode, Quantize, and Beat Sync to enhance your mixing capabilities. DJs can manipulate tracks and add their creative touch with ease. Complementing the CDJs is the Pioneer DJM-750 mixer, which boasts four channels allowing for the seamless blending of tracks. It features a built-in, high-performance 24-bit/96kHz USB sound card for straightforward recording and playback, alongside advanced effects technology including Sound Colour FX and Beat FX. These built-in effects can be easily synchronised to the tempo of the tracks for a dynamic and impactful performance. To ensure your setup is ready to go, the pack includes all necessary power cables and high-quality RCA cables for audio connectivity. This Party DJ Pack is perfect for a host of events from private parties and weddings to more significant functions and nightclub scenes. With these premium tools at your disposal, you can create a customised sound atmosphere that captivates and energises any crowd. Bring out the best in your DJ skills and make your next event a legendary one with this professional DJ setup.




March 2023

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