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Hire PIONEER CDJs-900 CD/MEDIA PLAYER, hire DJ Decks, near Carlton
Hire PIONEER CDJs-900 CD/MEDIA PLAYER, hire DJ Decks, near Carlton image 1
Hire PIONEER CDJs-900 CD/MEDIA PLAYER, hire DJ Decks, near Carlton image 2
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Elevate your DJ performances with the Pioneer CDJ-900 CD/Media Player, a stellar piece of equipment crafted for both novice and experienced DJs. This versatile player is capable of handling both USB storage devices and CDs, making it an essential tool for any music-centric event. **Components Included**: - **Pioneer CDJ-900 CD/Media Player**: At the heart of your setup, this player integrates advanced features, ensuring seamless playback. - **RCA Signal Cable (1m)**: Connect the CDJ-900 to your mixer or audio system with ease using the high-quality RCA cable. - **Ethernet Cable (1m)**: Facilitate network connectivity or link multiple devices for synchronized performance. - **Power Cable (2m)**: Reliable power connection tailored for sustained performance during long sessions. **Key Features**: - **Versatile Media Playback**: Whether you spin CDs or play from USB drives, the CDJ-900 caters to all your media needs with its flexible playback options. - **Advanced Performance Tools**: Equip yourself with hot cues, loops, beat sync, and more to create dynamic sets and manipulate tracks on the fly. - **Device Linking**: Use the Ethernet cable to link with additional CDJs or compatible equipment for coordinated performances. - **Built for Professional Use**: Known for its robust build and reliability, the CDJ-900 is engineered for rigorous use, making it ideal for clubs, events, and private parties. - **Integration with Pioneer Mixers**: Achieve the perfect setup by pairing it with Pioneer DJM series mixers for enhanced control and audio fidelity. - **Compact and Mobile Design**: While it offers some of the top-tier features of its larger counterpart, the CDJ-2000 Nexus, it’s designed to be more portable without compromising on functionality. For DJs seeking professional-quality performance in a compact and user-friendly unit, the Pioneer CDJ-900 is an exceptional choice. It combines technical sophistication with ease of use to deliver a superior DJing experience across various event types, from intimate gatherings to large-scale parties.




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