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Hire Pioneer DJ System 2x CDJs2000NXS + DJM900NXS, hire DJ Decks, near Newstead
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Pioneer DJ System 2x CDJs2000NXS + DJM900NXS

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Elevate your event with the unparalleled excellence of the Pioneer DJ System, featuring two CDJ-2000NXS decks and a DJM-900NXS mixer. This state-of-the-art setup is ideal for both amateur and professional DJs looking to deliver a mesmerising audio experience. Each CDJ-2000NXS player is equipped with a large, high-resolution screen that provides easy access to track information and enables precise waveform viewing. These decks support multiple formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF files, allowing for versatility in music choice and playback. Enhanced track search functionalities and a slip mode for seamless transitions make the CDJ-2000NXS a reliable choice for dynamic performances. At the centre of this DJ system is the DJM-900NXS mixer, renowned for its exceptional sound quality and robust build. The mixer boasts four channels, each with a unique filter, and a built-in USB audio interface that ensures easy connection to PC/Mac without compromising sound integrity. The DJM-900NXS also features Pioneer’s iconic X-PAD and a selection of built-in effects that can be manipulated to create unique soundscapes. For added convenience, the system comes neatly presented in a professional standard flight case that not only ensures the equipment’s safety during transport but also serves as an efficient setup station. The system is fully pre-wired, allowing for quick plug-and-play operation. Enhance your music sessions with this fully integrated, high-quality Pioneer DJ system, crafted to deliver exceptional audio experiences with reliability and ease. Perfect for festivals, clubs, or any private event, this DJ setup will ensure that every beat and mix contributes to an unforgettable atmosphere.




March 2023

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