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Smithfield, NSW, Australia

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Take control of your lighting environment with the P64LED DMX Controller, a vital tool designed specifically for managing the lighting of Par64 LED cans. This user-friendly unit empowers you to manually manipulate colours using RGB sliders or to effortlessly run a variety of built-in programs, tailored to enhance any event or performance. The sleek, compact design makes this controller not only easy to handle but also a space-efficient addition to your equipment setup. Whether you're a lighting novice or a seasoned expert, the intuitive layout ensures straightforward navigation through its features. Each button and slider is clearly labelled, making operation a breeze even in low-light conditions. The P64LED DMX Controller offers unparalleled flexibility in lighting design. You can create custom colour blends on the fly, thanks to the responsive RGB sliders. The possibility to bookmark your favourite settings with the preset buttons further aids in achieving consistent, professional lighting effects without fuss or delay. Apart from its manual functions, this controller boasts pre-programmed routines that can add dynamics and flair to any occasion. From smooth fades and transitions to vibrant, eye-catching flashes, these programs are engineered to work seamlessly with LED configurations, ensuring maximum impact. This unit is built with durability in mind, encased in a robust shell that withstands regular use while remaining light enough for easy portability. Whether it's a wedding, concert, corporate function, or a small gathering, the P64LED DMX Controller is an essential component for creating and managing your lighting atmosphere, offering both precision and creativity in one device.


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Smithfield, NSW, Australia

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