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Hire 1 x Technics SL1210s Turntables with Isonoe Feet, hire DJ Decks, near Tempe
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1 x Technics SL1210s Turntables with Isonoe Feet

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Elevate your event with the iconic Technics SL1210s Turntables, equipped with superior Isonoe feet for unmatched audio stability and quality. This renowned model offers a direct-drive mechanism that guarantees a swift start-up and highly accurate playback speed, making it a favourite amongst professional DJs and audio enthusiasts alike. Crafted with a robust, vibration-resistant construction, the SL1210s ensures durability that can withstand the demands of both touring and intense club environments. The solid build quality not only extends the life of the turntable but also enhances its performance by preventing disturbances that could affect sound quality. A unique feature of the SL1210s is the inclusion of Isonoe isolation feet, which significantly improve isolation from external vibrations. This addition is crucial for maintaining pristine sound clarity, especially in loud, bass-intensive settings. The turntables come in a sleek, professional black finish that adds a touch of elegance to any DJ setup, making them not only functionally outstanding but also visually appealing. Please note, the turntables are provided without a needle and cartridge; however, these essential accessories can be obtained to match your specific audio requirements. This allows for a personalised configuration to achieve the optimal sound for your music or event. Perfect for DJs who demand the best in terms of performance and reliability, the Technics SL1210s with Isonoe feet is the definitive choice for ensuring your music sounds its very best, regardless of the venue size or event type. Whether spinning vinyl in a club, at a private event, or on radio, these turntables offer exceptional performance every time. The SL1210s are not just equipment; they are an investment into the quality and success of your musical endeavours.




March 2023

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