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Hire Generator 2.5kva, hire Generators, near Zetland
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Generator 2.5kva

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Zetland, New South Wales, Austrália
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2500W MAX. POWER INVERTER GENERATOR This compact 196cc Petrol Inverter Generator can produce up to 2500 Watts of power, suitable for powering a wide range of appliances such as a camping fridge, charging a mobile phone or powering remote lights. The wheels and transport handles allow for easy manoeuvrability in remote locations, perfect for when you’re camping, caravanning, working in the backyard or require back-up power. With an integrated residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection and an automatic low oil cut-out, this generator is designed with safety in mind. The inverter technology is ideal for equipment that requires stable frequency and voltage. Inverter Technology Multiple Power Outlets 4 Stroke OVH 196cc Engine Low Oil Cut-Out Designed for Easy Transport Pick-up: Zetland Delivery Sydney Area