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Auburn, NSW, Australia
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Enhance your event’s atmosphere with our captivating Glow Couch Hire, a perfect choice for anyone looking to bring a touch of magical luminescence to their gathering. This innovative piece of furniture integrates LED lighting technology within its structure, offering a radiant glow that can be tailored to match the mood or theme of your occasion. The soft, yet durable material ensures that guests experience comfort, while the couch’s robust design makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The Glow Couch is not merely a functional seating option but a decorative highlight. With its ability to illuminate in a variety of bright colours, this couch becomes the focal point of any event setup. Whether you're planning a cosy evening party, a glamorous wedding reception, or a corporate event, this couch will enhance the ambience and impress your guests. Featuring an internal battery which lasts between 6-8 hours, this couch offers convenience and flexibility, as it eliminates the need for continuous power supply and unsightly cables. Operating the Glow Couch is effortless with the included remote control, which affords you the ability to adjust settings among 16 different colours and several dynamic effects at the touch of a button. Ideal for creating an enchanting seating area, this couch pairs beautifully with other glow furniture pieces, such as the Mini Rounded Yoyo Coffee Table or the full Glow Lounge Suite, to complete a stunning, cohesive look. Perfect for events of all sizes, the Glow Couch Hire offers not just seating, but an unforgettable visual experience that will elevate your event to the next level.




March 2023

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