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Auburn, NSW, Australia
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Elevate your event ambiance with our Glow Cube Hire, a glowing gem from our exclusive Glow Furniture collection. This multifaceted cube, measuring a symmetrical 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, transcends ordinary event furniture by doubling as both an innovative seating solution and a dynamic accent piece. It’s perfectly suited to add a touch of illuminated elegance as a standalone table, or can be grouped to form larger tables and even striking cube walls that enhance any thematic decor. The versatility of the Glow Cube is complemented by its advanced LED technology. Featuring a palette of interchangeable colours, the mood of your event can be transformed with just the touch of a remote control. From vibrant party hues to softer tones for intimate gatherings, the ambience can be customised to suit your event’s theme and energy. Designed with functionality in mind, each Glow Cube is equipped with a powerful internal battery that provides illuminance for up to 6-8 hours, ensuring a cord-free setup for seamless integration into your event space. The lightweight design makes the cubes easy to position, providing flexibility in layout and usage. Whether paired to accentuate our Glow Curved Benches or utilised around our Glow Mini Rounded YoYo Coffee Table, these cubes ensure that your setting sparkles without the fuss of wires or constant maintenance. Easy to operate, each cube promises not only an enchanting visual but also practical reliability. Ideal for creating a captivating environment, our Glow Cube Hire offers a luminous finishing touch that is bound to impress at any celebration, making every occasion unforgettable.




March 2023

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