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Hire Helium Balloon Tank (Fills 700 Balloons), hire Helium Tanks, near Condell Park
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Helium Balloon Tank (Fills 700 Balloons)

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Condell Park, NSW, Australia
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Fits in a Car

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Included: - 1 x 700 Helium Balloon Tank + Regulator Enliven your event with the Helium Balloon Tank, capable of inflating up to 700 balloons. Whether you're planning a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, or any festive occasion, this tank is your go-to solution for creating a buoyant atmosphere filled with floating fun. This high-capacity helium tank is optimally designed for ease of use, ensuring that setting up your balloon decorations is a breeze. No complicated instructions involved; with this user-friendly tank, even novices in party planning can achieve professional results. The included regulator maintains consistent flow, enabling you to inflate balloons to perfection. We understand the logistics of event planning, which is why our helium tank is designed to be transport-friendly. It's compact enough to fit comfortably in a car, making transportation to and from venues straightforward. You can easily take the tank wherever your celebrations may be without any hassle. Please note that while the tank is straightforward in its operation, users should always handle helium tanks responsibly and according to provided safety guidelines. Prepare to turn your celebration into a visually stunning affair with hundreds of floating delights that will leave your guests in awe. Make a lasting impact at your next gathering with this essential tool for party decor. The Helium Balloon Tank not only promises fun and decoration but also reliability and convenience, ensuring your event setup is as smooth as possible. Add a touch of whimsy and spectacle to your party with vibrant, floating balloons that elevate the festive spirit!




March 2023

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