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Hire 8m x 36m - Framed Marquee, hire Marquee, near Auburn
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8m x 36m - Framed Marquee

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Auburn, NSW, Australia
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This 8m x 36m framed marquee provides a spacious and elegant solution for a broad range of events, from weddings and gala dinners to corporate gatherings and community festivals. Designed meticulously to merge style with functionality, the marquee offers a vast area that can accommodate 480-500 guests standing, or 384 guests seated at rectangular tables. For events requiring a more intimate setting, it comfortably seats 240 guests with round tables, ensuring ample space for dining and socialising. Crafted from high-quality materials, the structure boasts a robust frame and a durable canopy that stands resolute against various weather conditions, ensuring the comfort and safety of your guests. The marquee’s clear span design is free from internal poles or obstructions, providing unimpeded views and maximising usable space. This makes it exceptionally versatile for layout planning, decoration, and movement within the event space. For those looking to add a touch of personalisation, the marquee’s simple yet sophisticated white canvas serves as an excellent backdrop, allowing for customisation with lighting, fabric draping, or floral arrangements. This adaptability makes it ideal for creating a tailored ambiance that reflects the theme and elegance of your occasion. Please note, whilst the basic marquee framework is included, additional walls can be added to enclose the space for privacy or protection against the elements; these are available at an extra cost. The marquee’s dimensions and the quality of materials used ensure that your event will not only be memorable but also comfortably accommodated within a structure that epitomises contemporary elegance and practical design.




March 2023

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