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Hire 12m x 4m Pop up Marquee, hire Marquee, near Ingleburn
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12m x 4m Pop up Marquee

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Eve Party Hire

Ingleburn, NSW, Australia

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Enhance your event with our 12m x 4m Pop-Up Marquee, a superb choice for a variety of gatherings such as weddings, garden parties, or corporate events. Designed to offer both elegance and practicality, this large marquee spans 12 metres in length and 4 metres in width, providing ample space for your event needs. Crafted from high-quality materials, the marquee boasts a sturdy frame that ensures stability, even in less favourable weather conditions. The roof is made from a durable fabric that is both UV-resistant and waterproof, guaranteeing that your guests stay dry and comfortable throughout the event. This marquee is modular, consisting of an 8m x 4m section connected seamlessly to a 4m x 4m section. Remarkably, this setup is designed without the need for a central pole, thus maximising the usable space underneath. This open-plan design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves the functionality, allowing for unobstructed movement and arrangement of furniture and decor. The 12m x 4m Pop-Up Marquee comes exclusively in a classic white colour, adding a touch of elegance while providing a neutral backdrop that complements any event theme or colour scheme beautifully. Optimal for both daytime and evening events, this marquee creates an inviting atmosphere while protecting your guests from the elements. Whether you’re hosting a formal event with a large guest list or a more intimate gathering, this marquee provides the perfect setting. Please note, the price includes setup on grass surfaces. Additional options and customisations, such as side walls, window walls, and weights for concrete setups, are available upon request to make your event truly unique. With its expansive size and versatile features, our 12m x 4m Pop-Up Marquee is an excellent choice that promises to make your event both memorable and successful.


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Ingleburn, NSW, Australia

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