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ULX1-M2 Bodypack Transmitter

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The Shure ULX1 bodypack transmitter meets all of the highest performance standards. It's compatible with various types of microphones, from instrument mics to headsets or lavalier microphones. Additionally, you could use the separately available WA302 cable to connect your guitar or keyboard to the ULX1, allowing you to send its signal to the wireless receiver. Shure's ULX series has a few distinguishing features. Various settings can be locked, for instance, but there's much more to it. Before sound can be wirelessly transmitted, the signal has to be compressed first. Compressing the signal may result in loss of quality, though, as the receiver also needs to decompress it again. Luckily, the ULX series does not suffer from that problem, as Shure thought of a more efficient way of compressing and decompressing the signal, which results in much higher quality sound! Furthermore, the SLX series allows you to use up to 12 systems simultaneously, while the ULX series does not impose any limit. All these wonderful features work together to make the ULX1 a highly competitive product, which is excellently suited for sound technicians to use at both live events and in fixed installations. Product specifications: 3-segment battery level indicator frequency and power lockout flexible 1/4 wave antenna TA4F mini four-pin input connector backlit LCD display with channel settings adjustable audio gain control input attenuation switch (selects 0 dB or -20 dB attenuation) PEAK icon appears when audio input is overloaded on/off switch 8-hour battery life (9V battery) 300-foot (100m) operating range frequency M2: 662 - 698 MHz


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