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Brookvale, NSW, Australia

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Enhance your event with our professional-grade wired microphone, perfect for speeches, presentations, and performances. This high-quality mic features a dynamic cardioid pickup pattern, ensuring excellent sound isolation and reduction of background noise, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. The robust design incorporates a sturdy metal construction that is built to withstand the rigours of any live event. Whether it’s an energetic concert, a detailed conference, or a special wedding speech, this microphone is engineered to deliver clear, powerful audio reproduction. Featuring a convenient XLR connector, the microphone can be easily integrated with a variety of sound systems. The long, flexible cable offers ample freedom of movement, allowing speakers or performers to engage with their audience without restriction. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for any podium, lectern, or stage setting. Designed for straightforward usability, it is incredibly user-friendly. Simply plug the microphone into your sound system and it's ready for action - no complicated setups necessary. The tactile on/off switch further ensures quick and easy operation, allowing speakers to control the mic effortlessly during live performances. Our wired microphone is an essential piece of equipment for achieving professional-standard audio quality at any event. Reliable and consistently excellent in performance, it promises to make any occasion memorable with its superior sound clarity and durability. Ideal for event planners, music venues, and all venues seeking a dependable audio solution.




March 2023

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